To ensure that built-in furniture meets customer requirements and fits in the proposed space perfectly, preliminary measurements have particular importance: they help to optimally combine customer requests and real project, based on the specific dimensions. Professional measurement allows to avoid inaccuracies, necessity for readjustment, it saves time and materials.

The main issues in the measurement are the length and height of the room, which are measured at several points. Moreover, it is necessary to get the parameters of the location of utility lines, rosettes, ledges and niches, radiators, window sills and switches.

At visiting customer for the measurement, the employee of the company takes full responsibility for maintaining the room size in the designing process, manufacturing and installing furniture. Measurement is a paid service, its cost depends on the location of the object and time spent on measurements.

We manufacture also according to dimensions, provided by the customer. The company is not responsible for mismatch of provided dimensions.

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