Installation (Assembly)

Proper installation of a new kitchen, connection of all household appliances and sanitary fitments – is the guaranty for absence of problems over many years, therefore the best thing is to entrust it to professionals.

“ab virtuves” company offers all customers furniture installation services, which provide experts with long-standing experience. Trusting us the installation you can be sure about the quality of works, since they are conducted in accordance with the specifications, drawings and other documents, received upon purchase. Project managers monitor the quality of completed works.

Terms of installation of furniture

  1. Duration of work. Installation of furniture can take from 1 to 25 working days. Particular period is determined by the level of complexity, volume and sequence of works, specificity of used items.
  2. Cost of installation. The standard price of a new project’s installation is 10% of the total cost of furniture and household appliances. If it is necessary to disassemble the existing furniture, make subsequent repairs, then total cost is determined by the time, which is necessary for the execution of all works. Distance from furniture salons of “ab virtuves” to the place of installation, additionally affects the cost. Certain cost of works is determined at the inspection of the room by company employee and can further be revised at revealing hidden complexities.

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